Our Mission

To collaborate with other healthcare partners including patients in promoting a fit and mobile aging population.

Our Vision

  • To provide age specific medical fitness programs and services for the promotion of health and prevention of chronic disease
  • To work collaboratively with the providers of healthcare in meeting fitness needs of individuals and communities
  • To be committed to helping the professional healthcare community to achieve better outcomes for patients and consumers
About The Founder
About The Coaches
Advisors and Partners

About The Company…

MyFitScript, LLC is a concierge company that serves healthcare providers and businesses with medical fitness solutions for prevention and management of chronic disease. We are a small business dedicated to meet your big needs. We provide patient, client, employee-centered age and chronic disease specific exercise solutions and fitness and health coaching services. If you’re in the business of improving health related outcomes, we want to work with you.

If you are a healthcare provider or professional, company or health coach we will begin with a free initial consultation to determine what you need and our value in helping you meet those needs.  We’ll discuss goals, population, delivery method, training, education, and cost.  Based on sound process improvement principles and desired measurable outcomes we’ll continue to work together to explore ways to integrate MyFitScript product and services into current processes rather than reinventing the wheel. Our goal is to work with you so that you can provide the tools and resources that your patient/client/customer needs to stay physically active, better self-manage risk factors, chronic disease, or minimize fall risk. Contact us at info@myfitscript.com.

If you are a consumer, patient, member, or client we provide guideline-driven and age specific  Exercise Prescription (ExRx) programs, toolkit ‘FitKit’ with tools and resources, and Exercise Readiness Questionnaire (ERA) that will help identify areas of focus.  We provide Health and Fitness Coaching and education through evidence-based motivational interviewing and health coaching techniques to work with you on your path to healthy behavior change.

  • We know how difficult it may be to change behavior.
  • We also know that having a certified coach as a partner provides a layer of accountability and support that many find helpful on their journey to better health and fitness.

Through telephonic or virtual coaching, we will work together on goal setting, barriers and solutions, and offer support and guidance for as long or short as you want.

What We Are…

MyFitScript, LLC :      the product

MFS is a company that creates content specific to physical activity and prescriptive exercise related to chronic disease prevention/management and staying healthy in our adult and senior years. See how MyFitScript might fit in your setting

MyFitScript, LLC :      the service

MFS is a company that provides hands-on training, education, and consultation for professionals and healthcare providers as well as fitness and health coaching for consumers, patients, and employees. See ‘Health and Fitness Coaching’

MyFitScript, LLC:      the advocacy

Corley Roberts, Founder and CEO of MyFitScript, LLC is a national speaker and advocate for physical activity in medicine and healthcare.  Advocacy efforts include virtual and on-site annual conferences for aging, primary care or healthcare quality, organizational training and workshops, associations, publications, and customized presentations. See ‘Presentations & Workshops & Publications’