A Milestone for Your Patients!

Health Level Seven International (HL7), a global network of health care databases, has formally approved a Physical Activity Implementation Guide adding physical activity as a vital sign and enabling Read More >>

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YOUR Fitness Trend for 2023

Every year the American College of Sports Medicine publishes the latest ‘Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends’. The newest 2023 survey results just came out so let’s see what we found! Read More >>

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Saying ‘I DO’

We’ve all heard this before and probably have said it multiple times, if not out loud, in our head. We may, and that’s a weak may, do something not because we’re ‘ready’, but for other reasons. Reasons such as your doctor said so, or your spouse said so, or you know you ‘should’. But are you ready?

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A Fence or an Ambulance?

There’s a poem I really like that describes putting up a fence along a cliff (seen as prevention) to prevent people from falling off the edge when they get too close. Or, not putting up a fence but instead an ambulance at the bottom in the valley to take people to the hospital when they fall (rehabilitation). Written in ~1895! Do our lifestyle behavior choices include fences or ambulances?

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Exercise and Pregnancy

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends exercise during pregnancy and postpartum for optimal health! There are more reasons TO exercise than there are not to exercise….. Read More >>

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