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Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., C.S.C.S Prevention Magazine Editorial Advisor and past Consultant to the YMCAs of the USA and nationally recognized author

“MyFitScript is a highly educational and motivational resource that prepares healthcare and fitness professionals to work effectively with seniors in the area of exercise”“…I am pleased to recommend MyFitScript to individuals who want to help older adults improve their quality of their lives in the area of health and fitness.”

Rozmond Lewis, M.D., Primary Care, East Nashville Family Medicine, Nashville TN

“The MyFitScript program is a wonderful addition for any patient’s care with chronic health conditions that are a barrier to good common sense exercise. My patients have been much healthier overall because of the program”

Melinda Huffman, RN, Co-Founder – National Society of Health Coaches

“Carefully researched and developed according to best practice, MyFitScript is exercise guidance that we highly recommend without reservation for any age, but especially those with chronic conditions.”

Stacy Davis, M.D., Cardiologist, Mid-State Cardiology Associates

“An excellent product” “MyFitScript contribution to (patient) care is of great benefit”

Thompson Learning Delmar Publishing – Human Resource Director – Integrated MyFitScript into an employee wellness program. Included onsite biometric assessments and fitness coaching along with online exercise prescriptions and newsletter. Demonstrated improved outcomes!

“At Delmar I was looking for a great way to help our employees take control and improve their health by giving them tools….I was excited to be able to take advantage of ‘MyFitScript’”.

CD, MyFitScript Client

“I saw a flyer in the doctor’s office talking about MyFitScript so I decided to call…I really appreciate the time the MyFitScript Coach has given me and helping to guide me on this new journey. I will continue my healthier lifestyle because I love it!”

Jacqui Bryan BA, RN, MS, CHC, Certified Health Coach

“I used MyFitScript with a client who was very new to any form of resistance training. This introduction to basic weight resistance exercise was just what she was looking for to get started. She has since lost 25 pounds and has graduated to a “boot camp” style workout. She claims she is now addicted to exercise!”

DL, Retired School Teacher, MyFitScript Client

“Beautifully designed and fits my needs…exercises are consistent with my physician’s recommendations!”

Susan Standfast, M.D., M.P.H. Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology

“a needed intervention for primary care providers…fills a gap”

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