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The Consumer-ACTIVE Solution includes one (1) individualized exercise program, FitKit Toolkit, and Exercise Readiness Assessment tool.

* ONE Individual exercise program (Weight ExRx) is directly accessible as a PDF to individual consumers such as patients, employees, clients, or members. Each ExRx includes a prescription for frequency, duration, intensity, and type of exercise. Exercise components such as aerobic, strength training, warm-up, cool-down, and stretching are outlined. Perfect for home or at a fitness facility. Also great to use with your personal trainer or coach!

* FitKit Toolkit provides the ‘how to’ or ‘what to do’. The FitKit includes worksheets/tools for goal setting, determining your BMI, tracking your exercise, weight management strategy, assessment, barriers and solutions, action plan, and identifying your health risks. Education on principles of exercise, how to use your program, how to progress safely, and how to determine your level of exercise intensity is included. Great for self-management and working with fitness and health coach!

* Exercise Readiness Assessment Tool (ERA) is a quick 2-page assessment to help determine any signs or symptoms for heart disease, snapshot of risk factors to check, BMI for identifying weight range, barriers/solutions, and example exercise goals you can choose from to get started.

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