Do you want to BE the whole package?? Then try our whole package for a total body workout! Everything you need to get started to improve muscle and bone health, cardiorespiratory function, and flexibility for improved balance and reduced risk of injury. Toolkit guidance and coaching session included!

The Total Body Package includes 5 building blocks to a healthier and more fit you.

* Exercise Readiness Assessment Form
Begin your total body plan with a quick self-checkup to help identify individual risk factors and program elements that may help guide your exercise plan and goals. Sample goals included.
* Exercise Rx for General Fitness (Adult or Senior)
An exercise prescription (ExRx) for apparently healthy individuals based on age (choose Adult or Senior). Provides a guideline-recommended prescription for warm-up, cardio workout, strength, and cool-down along with various weight resistance exercises for strength training. ExRx includes recommendations for frequency of exercise, intensity, duration, and types of exercise.
* Walking Program
Apply your cardio component found in the general fitness program for a 12-week walking plan and schedule. Start slow and build up to a level of safe and effective heart health! Colorful illustrations and stretching exercise instructions included.
* Stretching Program
No one will ever tell you again to be ‘flexible’!Warming up prior to exercise is important just as cooling down after exercise. Stretching is best performed after a warm-up or exercise session and will help improve joint mobility and range of motion. Stretching may also help decrease soreness, muscle tightness, and reduce risk of injury.

* FitKit Toolkit
When it comes to exercise many folks don’t know what to do or how to do it and if they’re even exercising at a level to produce results. The FitKit provides guidance and tools to help put your program into practice!

* Coaching Session
Now you have your total body program and toolkit....great first step! If you’re someone that benefits from a little coaching and accountability let us help you get started! We’re in this together!