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The ACTIVE Solution for Providers is a comprehensive toolkit of resources for integrating physical activity into your setting or practice. Healthcare practitioners, Certified Health Coaches, fitness and health professionals will benefit from the return on investment seen in a healthier population and a healthier bottom line. The toolkit includes chronic disease and age specific exercise programs, a menu of individual exercise images for customization, a consumer toolkit for education and ‘how-to’ exercise with behavioral change and self-management tools, and assessment tools used for outcomes and exercise safety. Resources and tools for quality improvement, results management, behavior change, customizable referral, provider progress notes for feedback, and physical activity education! MyFitScript consultation services available!

  • MyFitScript Information Packet: ACTIVE Solution for Providers Overview, Terms and Conditions for Use, MyFitScript Product Description, Sample ExRx program.
  • MFS_ExRx Bundle: Exercise Prescriptions for over 40 chronic conditions, risk factors for heart disease, and disability. Available in PDF format and can easily integrate into EHR, and print-on-demand.
    • Age specific for adult (40-64) and older populations (65+)
    • Guideline specific (ACSM/AHA, Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans)
    • Individualized prescriptive exercise program for cardio and strength exercise, frequency of exercise, intensity, and duration.
    • Stretching exercises, goals and benefits, and safety tips.
    • Colorfully illustrated signature caricatures demonstrating exercises.
    • Easy to follow exercise instructions.
  • Customization: MFS_ExMenu of individual exercise images to add to any exercise prescription or customize the program using the MyFitScript Exercise Referral Form.
  • FitKit Consumer/Patient Toolkit: When the recommendation for exercise is provided, the FitKit delivers the ‘how to’. A wellness and chronic disease self-management patient education resource.
    • Principles of exercise are explained and include progression, types of exercise, how often to exercise, how to know if you’re doing too much or too little, frequency, intensity, flexibility.
    • How to assess intensity of exercise using the Borg Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale (RPE).
    • How to assess individual risk factors worksheet.
    • Weight management information and BMI chart. MyFitScript™ MyFit500 approach.
    • Safety tips and recommendations.
    • Behavioral change tools such as goal setting worksheet, action plan worksheet, physical activity tracking tools, and barriers/solutions.
  • Exercise Readiness Assessment Tool: Quick way to determine if physician clearance is indicated. Includes Par-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire), Risk Factor checklist, Signs and Symptoms, Goals (general goals and recommendations), Barriers/Solutions/Action, and BMI chart.
  • Tools & Resources: Provider and patient/client resources for behavioral change and programming.
    • Quality Improvement & Outcomes
      • PDSA (Plan/Do/Study/Act) Worksheet
      • Physical Activity Outcomes Worksheet
    • Assessment (can also be used for measurable outcomes)
      • Pre-Exercise Assessment
      • Risk Factor Assessment
      • Self-Efficacy Assessment
      • Level of Importance Assessment
      • Exercise Readiness & Health Questionnaire
    • Behavior Change
      • Fitness4Action Planning Worksheet
      • Goal Setting Worksheet (S.M.A.R.T.)
      • Daily Activity Checklist
      • Stages of Change/Readiness
    • Physical Activity
      • Referral Form with Customization
      • Progress Notes
      • Program Waiver
      • MFS_ExRx F.I.T.E. Prescription
      • Exercise Intensity Using Borg Scale
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