MyFitScript™ Exercise Bundle

Guideline Driven - Evidence Based - Age Specific - Chronic Disease Specific

Exercise programs for chronic conditions, risk factors, and disabilities in the adult and senior population. Colorfully illustrated with easy to use instructions! Includes age and chronic condition specific exercise prescription, goals for progression, and safety tips. Industry standards used to monitor exercise intensity. Can be performed at home or at a fitness facility with a certified health coach/fitness trainer. BONUS Exercise Readiness Assessment (ERA) Tool Available.

MyFitScript™ Consumer FitKit

Consumer/patient level education and self-management toolkit to support the use of MyFitScript™ exercise programs for better results and adherence! Learn how to set measurable goals and behavioral techniques to stay on track! Weight management tools and resources, exercise principles and recommendations, BONUS Exercise Readiness Assessment (ERA) Tool Available, and activity assessment form to assure readiness for exercise. It’s YOUR move!