Fit List Screening Tool


Print this page and take it to your healthcare provider along with your MyFitScript Exercise program.

An additional feature and benefit to the MyFitScript Solution is a ‘FitList’ for adults and seniors.
When we think of fitness we tend to think of exercise only.
Overall fitness is maintaining a healthy lifestyle that begins with knowing where to start.


The “FitList’ is your starting place and allows you to stay current with recommended screenings and health checks. It’s important to make sure you are discussing your exercise program and goals with your healthcare provider. Making better decisions about your health begins with knowing your numbers.


The ‘FitList’ screening tool is age specific and includes:

  • List of exams
  • Mechanism for tracking
  • Specific for men and women
  • Standard norms for wellness range and individual score
  • Mechanism for provider comments and customization
  • Self Exam

Talk to your healthcare provider for specific screening recommendations.