MyFitScript is Your Business! 

MyFitScript supports work-life balance initiatives, improves health of employees, provides a way to achieve a ‘healthy company’ all around. Research shows that exercise and wellness in the workplace can:

• Reduce absenteeism
• Reduce rate of illness
• Reduce healthcare costs

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If you are in the business of people then you are in the business of health!

Most people spend more hours at work than anywhere else! These days, the typical American works approximately 47 hours a week.

With that in mind it is easy to see why maintaining a healthy work-life balance is becoming increasingly important.


The goal of MyFitScript within your company is to promote the well-being of your employees as well as your organization. There are tremendous benefits to corporate wellness to include reduced healthcare costs, improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, and most importantly creating a culture of health.


The bottom line:

  • Minimal cost to employees

  • Minimal cost to employer

  • Maximal benefits

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Thompson Learning Delmar Publishing integrated MyFitScript into an employee wellness program. Included onsite biometric assessments and fitness coaching along with online exercise prescriptions and newsletter. Demonstrated improved outcomes!

“At Delmar I was looking for a great way to help our employees take control and improve their health by giving them tools….I was excited to be able to take advantage of ‘MyFitScript’”. – HR Director