MyFitScript™ exercise programs are ideal for maintaining good overall health, prevention or management of chronic disease.

Did you know that almost 50% of what we do and don’t do contributes to our health?

Did you know that muscle strengthening exercise helps maintain muscle mass which burns more calories?

Did you know that regular aerobic exercise may

– decrease blood pressure?
– raise ‘good’ cholesterol and decrease ‘bad’?
– lower blood sugar and regulate insulin levels?
– decrease symptoms of depression?
– cause you to look and feel fabulous?!

CONSUMERS have two packages to choose from:

* ACTIVE Solution includes individual ExRx (exercise prescription) and is based on age and condition. It also includes FitKit toolkit and Exercise Readiness Assessment (ERA) tool.
Affordable at $14.95!

* Total Body Package: ExRx based on age and condition. Includes walking program for cardio health, flexibility program for muscle and joint flexibility, FitKit toolkit, Exercise Readiness Assessment (ERA) tool, AND a 30-minute coaching session with Coach Corley!
Affordable at $39.95!

Change what you do and change you!

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), only 24% of adults get enough exercise – but what is enough? National recommendations for physical activity for most adults who wish to maintain a level of good health: Something is better than nothing. More will provide greater health benefits

  • A minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-level aerobic exercise OR 75 minutes of vigorous-level aerobic exercise OR a combination of both!
  • 2-3 days a week of muscle-strengthening exercise to maintain strong muscles and bones
MyFitScript™ takes YOUR exercise one step further!

We are prescriptive. Based on your age and condition, you may need further guidance than the minimum recommendations:

  • what kind of exercise can I do to manage my diabetes?
  • how do I know if I’m exercising too hard or not hard enough?
  • how many days a week should I exercise to prevent high blood pressure?
  • how do I exercise safely to lose weight?
  • what’s the best kind of exercise to help with my depression?
  • does couch sitting count if I get up and walk to the kitchen once per hour?

Decide when you are ready. No judgment. 

CHOOSE your individualized exercise program in our STORE.

Each exercise program comes with a FitKit toolkit and Exercise Readiness Assessment (ERA) tool.

MyFitScript ™
offers fitness & health coaching for additional guidance to get started or keep going!

For more information CALL 615.497.5600 or email and
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Exercise Programs for our Adult and Senior Consumers

Alzheimer’s Disease
Heart Disease
Heart Failure
Low Back Pain
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
Peripheral Arterial Disease
Weight Management

Special Considerations
General Fitness for Adults
General Fitness for Seniors
Flexibility Program
Walking Program

General Fitness 
Aqua Fitness
Back Fitness
Hear Fitness
Wheel Fitness

“Beautifully designed and fits my needs…exercises are consistent with my physician’s recommendations!”

Dorinda Lee , Retired School Teacher

“I saw a flyer in the doctor’s office talking about MyFitScript so I decided to call…I really appreciate the time the MyFitScript Coach has given me and helping to guide me on this new journey. I will continue my healthier lifestyle because I love it!”

Carmen D., PCP Referral